Customizing Practices

Customizing practices to support existing leadership models and programs

Most organizations with a commitment to leadership development have evolved their own leadership models and approaches that reflect the values of their board and executive team, the organizational culture, the emerging needs of their industries, and their beliefs about what will be demanded and needed from leaders of the future.

Such internal leadership models can be quite powerful. If they are not effectively translated into daily leadership skills and practices, combined with tools for implementation, they will never realize their potential to influence the culture and leadership practices of the organization.

InBetween consulting services can help you:

  • Translate existing organizational leadership models into specific skills and behavioral practices
  • Assess current organizational culture and leadership practices against the model
  • Develop customized tools for implementing on skill and behavior gaps in the organization
  • Integrate practices into current leadership or coaching curricula
  • Develop customized practices and tools for implementing on change initiatives