Values and Philosophy

The values embodied in our work include:

  1. Expansive, possibility thinking
    We do not believe the world is well-served by our thinking small.
  2. Collaboration, co-creation, and community
    We work from a collaborative business model in which we seek to engage our customers, clients, and colleagues in the creating solutions to our collective challenges. We believe that our best work comes from a community of engaged scholar-practitioners, not a few perceived experts.
  3. Learning and Innovation
    InBetween is grounded in emerging research from the field of neuroscience, along with decades of experience in the fields of leadership and coaching. What represents new knowledge today, however, may or may not hold true tomorrow.  We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of new research on individual and collective change, and contributing to the field through ongoing applied research on effective practices.
  4. Maximum impact through small actions and efforts
    The simple solution is often the best solution. Through small daily practices, great impacts can be achieved. We are committed to looking for the elegant solution in all that we do.
  5. Playfulness and fun
    We are all playing – and experimenting – our way into the future. Striving in the name of “work” often leads to rigid and unimaginative outcomes. A playful approach creates generative and innovative solutions, in addition to more meaningful levels of engagement and relationship.