InBetween Creation Story

Why InBetween?

Cindy and Jeff met each other 23 years earlier while Jeff was a young coaching professional and Cindy was running global volunteer programs in developing countries. While a collaboration between their employers at the time never took root, it did lay the foundation for this collaboration between Jeff and Cindy many years later.

By the time Cindy and Jeff reconnected in 2010, Cindy was working in large a large multinational corporation and running global leadership programs, while Jeff continued his thriving global coaching practice that he founded in 1995. Both had achieved levels of success in their respective careers, but were looking for a way to increase the impact of their work and ensure their clients received a greater return on their investment in leadership and coaching programs for employees.

According to Cindy, “we knew that we needed to get greater leverage from the activities that took place between the phases of our leadership programs, but we didn’t know how. We were experimenting with Virtual Learning add-ons, trying to leverage higher involvement of managers, and expanding the ways in which coaching was used to reinforce and strengthen impact and outcomes. But every enhancement and experience added more complexity and cost to what were already highly complex and costly programs.”

Jeff had been experimenting with survey-based practice delivery and he gave Cindy an emotional intelligence practice to play with, and she immediately recognized and experienced the power of a simple daily transformative practice – so much more targeted than her daily meditation and journaling practices had been.

In her enthusiasm, Cindy shared the practices approach with her colleagues at work, a health counselor she was working with, and select consulting colleagues. They universally responded with “I would love to use that in my practice,” or “I would love to use that personally.”

Meanwhile Jeff was using and refining the approach more extensively with clients.  The universal feedback from clients was that the regular reflection and practice made all the difference in the world.  They said it helped them to keep their intentions directly in from of them, they followed through more effectively, and the reflection on what they were doing had a significant impact on the quality and sustainability of new behavior and leadership practice.

He also found that having concrete data on what was happening in between coaching sessions allowed him to have greater insight into what was taking place for his clients and to have deeper, more meaningful conversations in their meetings.  Being able to share they results with clients allowed both to track progress.  What was exciting was to discover the generative feedback loop that empowered both the professional and they client.  This was the key he had been looking for to empower client for greater results.

Cindy and Jeff’s combined perspectives and experience in the leadership and coaching fields grew into a powerful vision for a new way of working with clients to produce transformative impacts and exponentially greater results. It was effortless, synergistic, and BIG.