A Cindy Wilcox and Jeff Staggs Collaboration

Who We Are and What We Believe

In Between is a collaboration between Jeff Staggs, Master Certified Coach, and Cindy Wilcox, Ph.D. In Leadership Development and Cultural Systems.

We are aligned in our belief that

  • 99% of our human development potential resides not within coaching and leadership events, but in how we work with the spaces in between those events
  • Creating new capabilities requires learning over time – learned integration and embodiment of a new behavior or way of being.
  • Daily practices are the most effective way to access and develop our human capacities, whether they be in leadership qualities or skills, emotional or social intelligence, or achieving greater levels of personal well-being and spiritual awareness.
  • Technology-enabled practices allow us to not only access the spaces in between, but to increase accountability, track engagement, and measure results.

Through our development of customized practices delivered through web-based software applications, we hope to:

  • Empower individuals and leaders to create lasting change – not temporary fixes
  • Provide a vehicle for extending the boundaries of how coaches and leadership development professionals work with clients
  • Contribute to the research and knowledge base about the impact of daily practices

Through working the spaces in between, we seek nothing less than to have a significant impact on the realization of human potential, enhance the quality of life for all human beings, and support the evolution of humanity on this planet.