Enhance the ROI of your leadership programs and coaching interventions by using daily practices to engage clients in between leadership, coaching, and counseling sessions. Our technology-enabled practices extend the boundaries of how you work with clients to create more powerful results and lasting change.

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A Revolutionary New Tool for Leadership, Coaching & Counseling Professionals

Simple, easy-to-use software allows leadership, coaching and counseling professionals to engage clients in high impact daily practices that create greater engagement, accountability and sustained action. Professionals can monitor clients’ progress and engagement 24/7, and the reporting function enables program managers and coaches to track meaningful progress and ultimately results.

Real Change Happens In-between Sessions

99.9% of our learning and development occurs outside of the context of our training programs or coaching sessions. The power for deep and lasting change resides in the spaces in between – the space between actions or events, the space of uncertainty, the space of connection, the space of knowing, the space of stillness.. Daily practices are the most effective way to tap that 99.9% of the space where deep possibility for change resides.

Supportive Research

It was traditionally believed that the brain was malleable in children but became increasingly static with age - that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Now the field of neuroscience gives us great hope through witnessing the amazing neuroplasticity of our brains. Even the adult brain has the ability to grow new neurons to rewire itself and create connections where none had previously existed. Through awareness, intention, and focused attention, we can change our ways of being and doing in the world.

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